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Published 8 months ago • Tags: announcement

I'm pleased to announce the beginning of WAR!


Don't worry, I'm not talking about World War 3. WAR is the abbreviation of Web Audio Recognizer.

It's a website (this website as it happens) that, given a music sample, will get you the associated artist and title. It's like Shazam, but in a web browser and with particularities.

I'll let you read the About and FAQ pages for more information, or go directly to the home page to play with it if reading gets you bored.

Side note

WAR is a side project started by Epoc on June 10, 2016. It's my first "visible" Python web project. I plan to add new features and maintain WAR on long term, so it's just the beginning.

End words

Questions? Suggestions? Problems? There's a Twitter account and a Facebook page for that.

Happy recognizing!

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