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Published 21 days ago • Tags: announcement

An update for the few-near-none people using WAR: it will close its doors on June 26th, 2017 (the expiry date of the thisiswar.online domain name).

I failed to manage to have a continuous attention on WAR since months, because I refused the fact that WAR was a bad idea. Not having to install anything isn't a good argument to choose WAR against other well established "concurrents" like Shazam (even if I didn't built WAR for money but only for fun and a little bit for fame).

The fact that there's little-to-no audio databases that can be used by WAR to recognize songs also led to its failure, because I also built WAR to use several audio sources to maximize chances to find matches.

I also didn't make any announcements ("advertising") on forums / social platforms. That not helped. But this is definitively not the main reason WAR quit.

This was, after all, just a side project :)

See ya!

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